About Us

          Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department currently serves about 1120 residents in the eastern Cabarrus County region in North Carolina. Northeast Fire Department assists Gold Hill VFD, Richfield VFD, Mount Pleasant FD, & Millingport FD on mutual aid calls as well. The station is currently staffed with at least one Fire Fighter & EMT certified personnel on duty at all times. Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department currently has 7 officers which include: Chief,  Two Assistant Chiefs ,  Three Captains, Three Lieutenants. Even with Northeast Fire Department being volunteer, over 60 percent of the roster consists of certified emergency service personnel. The station has made vast amounts of adaptations and improvements over the last few years. We hold regular fire meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:00pm at the station. We welcome all members of the community and are always looking for motivated volunteers.

Below is data regarding Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department:

 Average Response Time: 6:28 (Includes Inter-County Mutual Aid)

 (As of January 1, 2023)

Number of Personnel on the Roster: 36

Number of NC Medical Certified on the Roster: 24

Number of NC Certified Fire Fighters on the Roster: 25

Number of Junior Fire Fighters/Rookies on the Roster: 11

The following data is based on the last 6 years.

Average Yearly Call Volume: 166.4 (Last Evaluated: 1/13/2017)

Average Monthly Call Volume: 13.87 (Last Evaluated: 1/13/2017)

As our fleet continues to show signs of normal wear and tear as well as expected signs of aging, we are always grateful for tax-deductible donations and will continue to search for matching grants to assist in funding new apparatus.

Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department offers reflective address signs to be custom made to your specific address, of $15.00  Please download and fill out the form below and send the form along with payment to:

Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department

1580 Lentz Harness Shop Road

Mount Pleasant, NC  28124